About DesignAgency.

/ Purpose

DesignAgency unites interior design, architectural concepting, strategic branding, and visual communication to create unique, meaningful and inspiring client projects.

/ Our Studio

DesignAgency is an award-winning, multidisciplinary interior design firm with over 80 employees located in our Toronto, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Washington D.C studios.

Our projects and clients span 37 cities across 16 countries worldwide.

/ Our Story

Founded in 1998 by partners Allen Chan, Matt Davis and Anwar Mekhayech, DesignAgency specializes in uniting interior design, architectural concepting, strategic branding, and visual communication. DA’s global success is based on our high level of design excellence and our ability to create special environments through narratives carefully crafted with each client.

/ Approach

We believe that complex problems are best solved collaboratively. As strategic partners, we help clients unlock creativity, uncover latent potential, and transform businesses through our experience, passion and creativity. Partnering with leading companies, developers and hospitality groups across the globe, our passion in developing memorable experiences permeates through the process and the product.


Interior Design, Architectural Concepting and Strategic Branding are the foundation of our multidisciplinary team of designers and artists. We’ve built a legacy of award winning spaces and places driven by the three words that form the foundation of our practice. Innovate.Design.Change. Our work spans many genres, clients, concepts, and strategies, and is a true testament to the spirit of collaboration.


As an important element of many projects, we have developed a wide range of custom objects ranging from wall screens, graphic walls, and art pieces, to collectibles, lighting, and furniture. Our in-house designers work closely with local artists and manufacturers to realize our vision, giving each project a unique and bespoke feel.


In many instances, our projects call for special installations with concepts developed in-house. These plans are executed by a collective of trusted collaborators and artisans who bring our ideas to life. These unique concepts and installations bring another dimension to the spaces that we design.