Anwar Mekhayech

Founding Partner, B. Mech. Eng.

Anwar Mekhayech


Co-founder of award-winning international design studio DesignAgency, Anwar Mekhayech leads all projects with an astute international perspective. Anwar’s thorough understanding of the relationship between brands and their design has given him opportunities worldwide in developing a wide range of environments for unique clients such as Momofuku, NeueHouse, Generator, SBE, Pendry & Montage Hotels, The Drake Hotel, Four Seasons Hotels and more.

Anwar’s niche lies within the intersection of strategy, design and technology, guiding DesignAgency’s evolution to encompass multiple disciplines and the creation of thoughtful and provocative interiors, brands and environments.

An honors graduate from the University of Western Ontario, Canada with a degree in engineering design. His eclectic sense of design, studies in engineering and interest in travel and culture all contribute to his passion for design and how it shapes the world we live in.