Abrielle Toronto

Abrielle is a restaurant and bar with interiors and branding inspired by the flavours, colours and flair of coastal Mediterranean regions.

Our brand design for Abrielle works in harmony with the interior design, also by DesignAgency, to express an ethos of exceptional hospitality and relaxed luxury.

The logo’s graceful script is like the handwriting of a stylish friend, while its sans serif type partner brings in a balance of art deco and modern flair. The palette, anchored by a saturated sea blue, makes a clear visual connection to the menu’s coastal Mediterranean fare. Evocative adages and graphic flourishes adorning menus communicate a mood of vibrancy, optimism and warmth.

View Abrielle interior design.


•  Brand Strategy 

•  Naming

•  Visual Design

•  Logo Design

•  Collateral

•  Menu Design

•  Interior Design