Carversteak is a modern interpretation on the classic steakhouse experience with a strong connection to nature and digital art in a high-energy and fresh environment.

The first original concept from Carver Road Hospitality ushers guests into a warm and welcoming milieu, showcasing a 70-foot long bar with a digital art backbar and mid-century modern geometries. The design draws on a sophisticated pairing of elements and materials that are both old and new including smoked mirror pillars, white, black and golden marble flooring and plush upholstery replete with brass accents that soothe the eye.⁠⁠

Carversteak’s brand identity is based on the philosophy of ‘never exclusive, always inclusive’. Fine dining is at the heart of what they do, but bringing out the best moments through a carefully curated experience is why they do it. The Carversteak brand is sharp and doesn’t wait for change, but creates it. The brand focuses on enhancing the storyline of each person who walks through the doors and the environment constantly shifts to best amplify their experience.

Carversteak is the new generation steakhouse.

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•  Brand Strategy

•  Naming

•  Logo Design

•  Visual Design

•  Collateral

•  Wayfinding

•  Menu Design

•  Interior Design