IMMIX is a Toronto rental building  by QuadReal Property Group

Our branding for IMMIX helps ensure it stands out in Toronto’s fiercely competitive apartment market. And it all begins with the name: “IMMIX” is a seldom-used word that means “to blend” so it’s the perfect choice to reflect the offering: a centrally located building designed to appeal to a wide variety of residents.

Typography is friendly and nostalgic. The primary typeface reflects IMMIX’s brand voice thanks to its “soft” quality, with no sharp edges or strong variation in stroke thickness. The throwback ‘70s-style font nods to the heyday of The St. Charles Tavern, a notable LGBQT bar that occupied the IMMIX site at that time.

A brand palette of orange, teal, pink and green reflects the fresh ideas IMMIX brings to rental living and the vibrancy of the community QuadReal Property Group aims to cultivate.


•  Strategy

•  Naming

•  Visual Design

•  Collateral

•  Floor Plans

•  Hoarding

•  Website

•  Photo shoots and Video shoots