Mama Rabbit

Mama Rabbit is an ode to mezcals and tequilas from across Mexico.

Bright, bold and eclectic, it is home to some of the country’s most vibrant crafts and art scene, outstanding colorful and extroverted festivities, and a uniquely savory cuisine.

Oaxacan folklore tells the tale of Mayahuel, and her 400 rabbit children. These offspring are considered the Gods of Drunkeness and the stories often describe their michevious and celebratory mannersims; each rabbit deity representing a different form of drunkeness that mezcal imparts upon those who indulge.

Mama Rabbit’s brand identity is inspired by both the cultural tapestry of the Oaxacan region and the tale of Mayahuel. The vibrancy and energy of the brand is reflected in the bold colors and fun, energetic approach to the overall visual language and messaging of this new iconic space.

Anything but reserved, Mama Rabbit is a feast for the senses, a MGM spot “to be seen”.


•  Brand Strategy

•  Naming

•  Logo Design

•  Visual Design

•  Collateral

•  Wayfinding

•  Menu Design

•  Interior Design