OverTime Sports Lounge

A sports bar identity that expresses winning team spirit.

Located just off the gaming floor at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ont., OverTime marries the excitement of a fully immersive fan experience with the sense of community that naturally flows when friends gather over drinks and food.

Our brand design eschews more expected bright team colours like red, green or purple in favour of hues associated with vintage collegiate identities, the colours of brass, leather and wood found in trophy cases and equipment rooms, and classics that feel pulled directly from the quiet luxury fashion moment.

The logo and typographic identity blend serif and sans serif fonts that capture the bold excitement of sports section newspaper headlines. Fonts are easy to read in a split second, facilitating quick ordering and swift service.

Graphic elements include an intertwining O and T motif inspired by team patches and a recurring net pattern that reinforces the notion of winning.


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