Momofuku Toronto wins a Toronto Urban Design Award

Momofuku Toronto wins a Toronto Urban Design Award

Momofuku Toronto and the Shangri La Hotel were awarded the Award of Excellence in the Elements Category at the Toronto Urban Design Awards on September 11, 2013. The awards, held every other year, acknowledge the contributions that architects, designers, artists and city builders make to the overall creativity and livability of the City of Toronto.

Momofuku Toronto, as part of the Shangri La Hotel, engages the University streetscape through its unique public art piece, “Rising”. Created by Chinese artist Zhang Huan, the massive 33-foot tall and 65-foot long sculpture wraps the building in stainless steel tree roots and birds taking flight.

From within, immense windows that span floor to ceiling connect the dining experience to the urban environment outside. The second floor dining room offers stunning views of University Avenue, inviting both those outside and in to gaze through the walls of the glass “ice cube” by architect James K.M. Cheng.

We are thrilled to share this unique award with Hariri Pontarini Architects, James K.M. Cheng and artist Zhang Huan.

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