35 Wabash Toronto

Our inspiration for the 35 Wabash Condo was the profile of its future inhabitants: people who appreciate contemporary design and aren’t seeking trends, but rather good living and quality experiences. They may not be your typical condo dweller, but they want to live downtown and enjoy the services and amenities that only a condo can provide. We worked with Zinc Developments to present an experience that would reflect the old warehouse neighborhood and its artistic character while also sparking conversation.

As a result, the Sales Center merges qualities of loft style living, a condominium experience and the best aspects of a private home. Aesthetically, our goal was to create a mature atmosphere while also infusing it with a contemporary sensibility so that it’s completely worldly, fresh and comfortable. Warm, textured woods mixed with crisp black and white accents form the basis of the interior, and an easy backdrop for personalization.