East United Toronto

The East United Presentation Gallery was created to inspire a fresh vision for urban life while reflecting the unique and diverse character of the East End of Toronto. Conceptually the gallery captures the lifestyle and quality of living in this community while simultaneously allowing the purchaser the ability to project or blend their aspirations into the design. To this effect the model suite is partially constructed in wireframe, traced in light, eluding to the suite as a canvas onto which the owners can make a home. The siting of the suite is skewed off axis from the rest of the gallery as if a building within a building almost too large to contain in the space.

In the gallery area, reflective finishes are juxtaposed against rough, raw wood and corrugated metal. The linear wall displays in the gallery wrap around the three walls showcasing the story of East United and the amazing community within which it is being built. A monolithic interaction unit, which houses the touchscreens and the closing tables, stretches through the centre of the space. Its modular design allows the unit to split apart into segments and slide against the wall to provide flexibility for large events.

Finish options are displayed as one collage, loosely divided into three finish schemes which were inspired by personalities of the three unique areas surrounding this east end neighbourhood – the artist, the foodie and the sleek business personality.