Generator Hamburg

Generator Hamburg is just as much a bar, a morning canteen, an art incubator and a general neighbourhood hangout as it is a place to sleep. Across the street from the main train station, Generator Hamburg brings the energy and excitement of its central location into its interiors. Once a leather factory, the building was augmented with a contemporary addition by Coido Architects, and refreshed by DesignAgency with clean-lined interiors, fun furnishings, fantastic lighting and imaginative art to establish an edgy, dynamic and independent character. With large glass windows looking onto the street, visitors feel immersed in the energy, culture and everyday life of the surrounding neighbourhood. Local culture is reflected in the simple and colourful material palette and the interiors’ architectural design. A hanging sculpture of recycled bicycle frames by local artist Till Kiefer playfully acknowledges the importance of Hamburg’s cycling culture. Brick walls discovered during construction were left exposed to highlight the building’s history in the project. Also, recalling the building’s former use, belt straps play into the design, including the belt-covered “G” sculpture. Guests are encouraged to leave a belt behind, similar to signing a “guestbook”, thus leaving their own mark on the history of the place.