Teddington Park Toronto

A 1931 Beaux Arts style home in North Toronto, Teddington Park Residence was originally designed by Canadian architect John M. Lyle. A celebrated architect of his day, Lyle was schooled at Yale University and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, and went on to design some of Toronto’s most notable buildings – including the Royal Alexandra Theatre and Union Station.

The grand house was purchased by a young couple that appreciated its location, spaciousness and historic foundations. The house had been recently upgraded but its original character was maintained, and they asked DesignAgency to layer the historical elements of the interior with a contemporary style more reflective of the couple’s personality.

In most of the rooms DesignAgency painted the architectural paneling white to brighten and modernize the interior, and they selected mostly neutral toned furnishings for their comfort and sculptural forms. They added carpeting and draperies that soften the rooms and reduce their scale, while also adding warmth and texture. The design team chose sculptural lighting and brightly coloured art to create strong focal points and imbue the house with a simultaneously sophisticated and youthful air.