YOTEL Amsterdam

DesignAgency was involved in the creative conception and development of the common areas and food and beverage areas at YOTEL Amsterdam. Our team was tasked with developing an inviting and contextual experience for the property and wanted to create something vibrant, alive, and warm, that shows the versatility of the YOTEL brand. To do so we carefully selected colours, patterns, and warm finishes that speak to that aspiration. Also, key to our design for the property was thinking about how YOTEL is evolving as a global brand, and how adaptable it is in new markets going forward.

We drew inspiration from Dutch canals and the hotel’s location in the Overhoeks area to design a wave-like ceiling feature for the public areas of the hotel that mimics the flow of the IJ river. The billowing ceiling acts as a guide, leading guests through different areas of the ground floor while drawing a connection to the outdoors and the surrounding landscape.

For the restaurant/bar pavilion, we created a design that prioritized flexibility, expanding and contracting according to the hotel’s needs. A series of decorative sliding screens can open and close, allowing the space to function as a whole or be divided into different sections for private events or low occupancy hours. A large outdoor terrace connected to the pavilion overlooks the canal, also drawing a connection to the outdoors and providing a powerful sense of place.