The Next Course: Future of Hospitality with DesignAgency

The Next Course: Future of Hospitality with DesignAgency

Azure Magazine asked the question of how restaurants and hotels evolve after a pandemic from the designers reimagining the future of hospitality.

“A year ago, restaurants were hoping to adapt for a short-term situation,” says Matthew Davis, one of DesignAgency’s three founders. “But now, most of our clients are planning for a more experiential space instead of just trying to cope. There’s this great sentiment that, once we get to the next stage, there will be a lot of pent-up demand for socializing.”

“These bigger clients with means”, Matt explains, “are planning to up the ante by creating unique offerings, from sommelier classes to food prep lessons, that elevate that special night out with an educational component.”. In one of DesignAgency’s upcoming projects, Miami’s Legacy Hotel & Residences, the ground-floor restaurant will feature a cloverleaf-shaped bar surrounded by theatrical stations that let diners watch staff shucking oysters, making cocktails and decanting fine vintages.

That particular hotel project also epitomizes what he calls the “category collider” — a trend toward de-siloing our hospitality, work and residential modes. For Legacy, he and the team are developing a robust area called the International Business Lounge. “People have become comfortable with Zoom and digital presentations, which allows them to travel for longer without triggering vacation hours,” he says. “The IBL is a club-style set-up, imbued with all the layers of hospitality and technology, for hosting, entertaining and presenting in a space with a casual head-office feel.”

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