Throwing the status quo out the window with DesignAgency

Throwing the status quo out the window with DesignAgency

Founded in 1998 by long-time friends, Toronto-headquartered design firm Design Agency focuses on global design to create unique and innovative solutions that improve our daily environment.

Incredible things happen when you mix never-ending creativity, a forward-thinking vision, unstoppable talent, and an unbreakable friendship; such is the story of the highly sought-after global firm, DesignAgency.  What started as an idea to redesign a restaurant on the campus of the University of Toronto in 1998 turned into a successful design firm called upon to create interiors, branding, and visual language, among other things, for renowned companies around the world.

Founded by partners and long-time friends Allen Chan, Matt Davis, and Anwar Mekhayech, DesignAgency combines interior design, architectural concept, strategic branding, and visual communication to create one-of-a-kind innovative solutions. Their ability to design through narratives and develop unimaginable environments while achieving a high level of excellence has launched them into global success and placed DesignAgency as one of the most distinguished design studios in Canada. 

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